Congratulation to Neurio on the success of the 21st CBME Exhibition

Date of issu : 2021-07-21 10:43:45
On the afternoon of July 16, 2021, the 21st CBME Pregnancy, Infants and Children Exhibition, officially came to an end. Within the three days of exhibition, with the unique frontier market concept, a majority of new products launched by Neurio have attracted the attention of countless maternal and infant industry professionals.
Despite the large number of booths on site, Neurio has successfully attracted the attention and goodwill of visitors with its simple, unique and magnificent booth design, alongside with rich and diversified product lineups. There was a continuous flow of visitors to inquire about its exhibition.

The exhibition site, busy figures of the staff can be seen everywhere, they are explaining patiently details of the products to customers.
The level of expertise has been praised and recognized by dealers and consumers, as well as on-site employees, with the intention of future cooperation.

During this exhibition, in addition to the important functional nutritional foods such as Neurio infant formula goat milk powder and Neurio lactoferrin series, the company also grandly introduced a new product chain, welcoming the market feedback with confidence and potentials.

New products from Neurio include:
1. Neurio hydrolyzed egg yolk powder which promotes physicial growth;
2. Special diet food supplement for infants, including Neurio calcium, iron and zinc supplementary nutrient sprinkler;
3. Neurio probiotics lactoferrin to regulate and enhance gastrointestinal resistance;
4. Phosphatidylserine modulated milk powder used by students to improve learning, memory and performance;
5. Neurio phosphatidylserine concomitant milk powder for the elderly to improve memory and prevent stroke;
6, Neurio yeast milk ferritin modulation milk powder to improve the body's resistance to alleviate symptoms of influenza and shorten the course of disease.

New Product Chain from Neurio
After the epidemic, consumers are starting to pay more attention towards health. With China releasing its three-child policy, more enterprises join the market competition.
The continuous pursuit of high-quality products is what makes Neurio special, and the preferred brand for mums. In the future, Neurio will continue to invest in product research, development and innovation, continue to launch marketing programs in line with the market, as well as manufacturing high-quality products.
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