Neurio’s grand appearance at the 2nd China International Import Expo

Date of issu : 2020-09-22 13:39:50

Neurio’s grand appearance at the 2nd China International Import Expo:

On the 5th Nov 2019, the world-renowned 2nd China International Import Expo was launched at Shanghai’s national convention and exhibition center (cncec). This is the second consecutive year that Shanghai has hosted an import-themed national exhibition. Over 3,000 enterprises from more than 150 countries and regions, with about 500,000 professional purchasing agents gathered in Shanghai in an attempt seek common development.

As a major initiative in international trade, the second expo is larger, more excel in quality, richer in activities, and better in bringing consumers closer with the word. From the perspective of the massive consumer groups, the exhibition is divided into five sections, including equipment, consumption, food, health and service. and seven exhibition areas. The area for food and agricultural products were over 75,000 square meters, the largest among the seven exhibition sections, with the largest number of participating enterprises and countries, Neurio was part of this section.

Neurio signing important contracts with a client

Clients visiting Neurio and taking photos together

Neurio focuses on the ultimate concept of infant and child health care, backed by the pollution-free and natural resources of Australia and New Zealand, as well as its impeccable unique milk powder formula.

In 2018, Neruio was invited to participate in the China’s 1st international import and export expo under its strong corporate strength, advanced scientific research technology, above standard product quality and quality control management of mutiple inspections.

Through unremitting efforts in the grater China region, Neurio has developed rapidly, cooperated with dealers in various provinces and cities across China. It has accumulated high quality word of mouth and numerous customers, with the trust and praise of mothers, together to care for the growth of babies.

In 2019, Neurio returned with the honor to participate in the 2nd China international import and export expo. This time, Neurio showcased a brand-new look to the higher-level international exhibition, undertaken the opportunity to communicate and learn from clients and consumers from all over the world.

Neurio’s existing serial products have fully covered the necessary needs for a healthy physical development of infants and kids (e.g. Neurio Calcium, Iron and Zinc etc.), intellectual development (e.g. Neurio DHA etc.), Gastrointestinal health care (Neurio Probiotics etc.), physical care and protection of middle to elderly population (Neurio Middle-Aged and Elderly Lactoferrin Nutritional Powder etc.), and other quality products to care for the all-around development of children and adults.

This expo is a major step taken by the Chinese government to grimly support trade liberalization and economic globalization to open Chinese market to the world. Neurio will take this expo as an opportunity, under the guidance of the corporate vision “innovative for you, health priorities”, to strengthen international cooperation, enhance the ability of sustainable development, and fight to meet consumers’ yearning for a better life following the direction of being nutritional and healthy.

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